About Us

Our Practices and History of farming

This website is devoted to promoting science-based agriculture so that the country can sustainably meet its requirement of food, feed, fibre, and possibly fuel, while assuring prosperity to farmers and affordable prices to consumers. We are supported by the Association of Biotech-led Enterprises- Agriculture Focus Group (ABLE-AG), but have a voice of our own. We believe that Indian agriculture is vibrant. It can be made more productive with frugal use of resources by applying technology, good agronomic practices and wise management principles. For this we need policies that are based on evidence. We have faith in the native enterprise of the farmer and their aspiration to do well in life. We are indifferent to categories like private and public sector, indigenous and foreign – as long as India gains.


What we produce

We having vast knowledge and experience in the field, we follow a crop calender to produce various crops and vegetables depending on the seasons. Our main crops are wheat, paddy and corn maize.


What methods we use

To produce the best quality and to improve the yeild, we opt to follow the new organic methods mixed with the ancestoral methods, which keeps us step ahead from others and we use also crop rotation to maintain our soil quality.


What tools we use

Being in the modern world and with the development of various new technologies in the field, we always look to experiment and use new tools and technologies which seperate us from others.

Quality Standards

Our farm lands are filled with nutrient rich soils and our use of new methods for seeding and planting yeild healthy harvests. In our farm lands we grow various strong, vital crops and vegetables for use in our daily supplements.

In our farm lands, we use organic farming practices to ensure the quality and strength of soil in our farm lands can be maintained for decades. We follow some strict farming methods to grow our crops. We attend seminars and training camps at agricultural universities to continuously improve our knowledge on the upcoming technologies and crop improvements.

With use of advanced tools and technologies in our farm lands, we tske utmost care with the seed cleaning process till the packing of those organic grains in an organic way.