Who We Are

Our family was in the agriculture and farming over the past decades, and the knowledge about the methods of growing better crops was imparted from generation to generation. Thus we got a vast amount of knowledge in this field given to us by our ancestors and by our various generations, we can say proudly that we can bring best quality crop and vegetables from our land to your plate. Till early 2000’s we used to do our farming using normal ancestoral methods without any commercialisation and later we commercialised our work in 2006.

Our Services

Nothing is as fresh and healthy as home grown products

The vision of our organization is to consistently bring out value based quality products. Our products have always been the first choice of our locals. & This is because our product ranges are thoroughly checked and supervised before they are maintained at customers & most of all because of our “SERVICES”.

We have earned the trust and respect of several prestigious Clients.

Our continuously growing number of satisfied clients speaks volumes about quality and timely delivery. We look forward to getting an oppurtunity to serve you and meet your requirements. We are a firm that has ataosyl on offering the best to our valued clients.

We pledge ourselves and our work to customer satisfaction.

Our technical interest has led us to try and adopt and new technologies and thus empowered us to emulge in to Champion as our brand itself explains it. Our priority is customer satisfaction and to provide best service.

Our Products

A New Generation of Farming

Our Top 5 Winter Crops This Season

We wanted you to all know about the crops we have on hand for you this season. With so much hustle and bustle it might be hard to find out what’s really fresh and what’s in season. But, don’t you worry about a thing because we’ve taken the time to list the 5 most season-friendly fruits and vegetables for all the mouths you’ll be feeding this season.

From Our Garden to Your Plate

It’s important to know what you’re eating. And it’s even more important to know what you aren’t eating. We want you to know that all of our products are pesticide-free. We strive to make sure that you and your family can sleep easier knowing that our produce is not only organic, but we also ensure safe and green manufacturing and facility processes.